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Hello friends: My question is related to Map Tool–>PREFETCH. Where is the location in windows 10 for MP to store prefetch map?. I am looking under this directory but no joy !. (C:\Users\local-admin\Documents\Mission Planner). Pls. help, nbelow is the snapshot, where I am searching for prefetch map. MP v 1.3.49 build 1.1.6410.20232…additional note: I just saw another post mentioning about location: Mission Planner\gmapcache, but I am unable to locate this?.

C:\ProgramData\mission planner look for SRTM folder.

Thanks Matthew: … but in srtm i can see *.hgt files. How can i reload these or prefetch map back into mp (while i am offline)…i think i am missing something very straight forward as I am unable to find a clean step by step procedure either in copter/mp wiki or ardupilot discussion.

pls. help.

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Michael Oborne C:\programdata\mission planner

Adnan UL Haque Thanks Micheal, but after few hours of research I am still unable to find how to reload prefetch map back into MP (while offline)?. I dont see and KML/KMZ file inside gmapcache which I can easily reload.

I can see some updates in gmapcache\TileDBv3\en\GoogleMap but still don’t know how to reload them back into MP?. Not enough information on copter or mp wiki…also, i am unable to get clean procedure in ardupilot discussion? Pls. help

Michael Oborne Just copy the whole gmapcache directory

Adnan UL Haque Michael Oborne : Thanks…, but where shall I copy gmapcache?.

While loading MP, i found following directories in MP log files (C:\ProgramData\Mission Planner\MissionPlanner.txt)

INFO MissionPlanner.srtm - C:\ProgramData\Mission Planner\srtm
INFO MissionPlanner.Plugin.PluginLoader - Plugin Load C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner\plugins\MissionPlanner.Gridv2.dll
INFO MissionPlanner.Plugin.PluginLoader - Plugin Load C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner\plugins\MissionPlanner.SimpleGrid.dll
INFO MissionPlanner.Plugin.PluginLoader - Plugin Load C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner\plugins\MissionPlanner.Stats.dll
INFO MissionPlanner.Plugin.PluginLoader - Plugin Load C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner\plugins\TrackerHome.dll

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solution: problem fixed. Just do MP–>Flight Plan–>MP Tool–>Prefetch by doing Alt+select area (while PC is connected to Internet). This will save the map in C:\programdata\mission planner\gmapcache. Now take the same laptop/PC to selected area (where there is no internet). Open Laptop/MP and connect to Pixhawk via Mavlink. MP will automatically load gmapcache map once detected offline (no internet).

NOTE: no action required after doing prefetch.

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Does prefetched data persist until actively deleted by the user? Or does it get purged automatically when other areas are prefetched?

it does not get purged unless you tell it too.
try Control-C in MP

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I prefetch the selected map area by Ctrl+draw rectangle (also try alt+draw ) in MP>Flight Plan>Map tool>Prefetch while online with vehicle GPS 3d fix, but still I can’t find the downloaded tiles in C:>Program File (x86) > Mission Planner >gmapcache after doing 8-10 times with default zoom level of 20.

Hope you can see this reply and help.

because it is not in “Program Files(x86)” but in “ProgramData”, which is a hidden folder in C:\