Buying (APM 2.8) Ardupilot on Amazon

Hello there

I’m shoppig for an Ardupilot. Found a few on Amazon.
Was wondering how to tell a real one or a knock off?

Ia this kit properly priced and authentic: Drone Accessories for APM 2.8 ArduPilot Mega Internal Compass APM Flight Controller Built-in Compass with 7M GPS for FPV RC Drone Aircraft Replaceable (Color : Straight pin)

Some similar boards are posted for half of that price.

Similarly these boards ares sold on Ali Express for as low as $60.

What do you think?

Thank you!

Please do yourself a favor and don’t.
APM 2.8 is outdated, the available software is 10 years old.

Gat a STM32 H7 processor based board from AliExpress for as low as $40 instead.


So if I understand it right this one here would do?

Is there a standard between FCs that allows them all to run Ardupilot just like different brand laptops can all run windows?

If you’re still referencing the Amazon link above, you’d do better to light that $300 on fire.

Start here:

And explore the associated documentation a bit to get a feel for the ecosystem.

My mistake I forgot to include the link:

C$61.38 20%OFF | SKYSTARS H743 HD Flight Controller H7 X8 With OSD & KO60 60A Blheli32 4IN1 ESC

I’m making a few assumptions about your location based on the links so I’m going to make a suggestion. Get something from these guys instead.

Matek are good boards for Ardupilot. Don’t hear too much about the Skystars, but the lack of SD card for logging is going to make tuning a real nightmare. And if you want to take advantage of other features like LUA scripting you’ll want the SD. 16mb of flash isn’t much to work with.

Don’t forget the GPS module or depending on the use case a GPS/Compass.


Thanks for the advice. I’m actually in Canada. So any of the US stores would do.
Shall I buy an H7 of slower CPU speeds are OK too?

Given the competitive pricing of H7 offerings from many vendors, there’s really no reason to get a less fully featured board in 2024, especially if you were prepared to spend $300 for that turd above!

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Would this one make sense:

C$114.68 17%OFF | Matek H743 SLIM V3 STM32H743VIT6 BEC ICM20602 Baro Blackbox 2-8S F7 Flight Controller 30.5x30.5mm for FPV DJI RC Drones

I’ve used several of those, and they work well. They are available from several US suppliers if you don’t want to order from Ali.

The link I sent was from a Canadian vendor. Saves getting burned on conversion rates and customs fees.

Thank a lot guys. Really appreciated.
Will go over it tonight and place an order.

What about this one here?

It doesn’t have an SD card though. Is 16mb enough for logging?

Since I’m totally new to that, is it not better to order from Ali Express for half price?

16mb is not enough for logging.

I haven’t used Ali Express. I have a co-worker who uses it and it works for him, you just can’t be in a rush for anything.

This is a good board. Ships out of Ohio and they do ship to Canada.

Looks great. Will it work well with a Y6?
My copter is heavy lift. Up to around 30lbs

My opinion is NO to that. Buy a proven Flight Controller from a domestic dealer. I’m in the US so I buy here but I have purchased from a Canadian vendor mentioned here also.
I don’t buy FC’s that start with; Speedy, Sky, Fly, Mamba or Omni. Not saying they are not popular or can’t be successfully used (I have had several of the last one) but why when there are solid alternatives for a few $$ more.

I share Dave’s opinion here 100%, and you can add RadioLink to the “‘no-no” list.

Basically I can’t go wrong with Matek H743-WING, right?

While we’re at it, what remote control would you guys recommend?

Once again thank a lot for your help!