Buying (APM 2.8) Ardupilot on Amazon

Radiomaster TX16S is my current go-to. I prefer the ELRS version, which has its quirks in initial setup but performs very well and can carry Yaapu telemetry with minimal additional config.

It’s half price on Ali Express. Must be a counterfeit?

Amazon sells it for around $300-400.
Where’s the best place to order it from?

There are multiple versions. As I recall, the base model sells for $100-$200, while the premium one with Hall effect gimbals is about twice that. I like the better gimbals, but maybe that’s not important to you.

Got mine from Amazon. GetFPV, RaceDayQuads, and DefianceRC are all reputable (to name a few).

Ali is a gamble. It might be real. They might scalp you on shipping to make up a price difference. They always ship on the slowest boat possible. In my opinion, if the vendor hasn’t shared their Ali Express storefront link directly (like CUAV and SIYI do), I rarely order from there.

Thanks a lot Yuri, I really appreciate it. Will go over these and order one.

I have the multi protocol version and use an ExpressLRS module with it. If I had to do over, I’d have just gotten the one with the internal ELRS capability and skipped the extra hardware. Receivers are so cheap that compatibility with other protocols is kind of moot. I just replaced everything with ELRS and never looked back.

FrSky is the other major player unless you want to waste money on Futaba and their poorly aging stuff (and Spektrum is arguably aging worse). But FrSky has massive firmware issues lately, and they’ve made some really questionable closed source decisions. I never use any of that stuff anymore.

ExpressLRS leverages the Crossfire protocol from TBS. They have nice stuff, too, but it tends to be expensive, and the community seems to be shifting toward ELRS in general.

Yes, I would have too…

What part of the country are you in?

I’m in Montreal area.
I’m pretty advanced in microelectronics but pretty new to drone stuff.
No idea what ELRS means, will look it up for sure.
Guess will order all the components together.
I already have the motora with the ESCs though.
Need to figure out if my ESCs are compatible with then flight controller I will go for. Don’t even know if it can happen to not he compatible at all.

Instead of the Matek H743-Wing v3, it is better to use a Matek H743-WLITE. Apart from the double IMU, it has the same functionality and is cheaper. And the WLITE eliminates the annoying cable connection between the two boards on the WING v3.

No. ExpressLRS leverages the CRSF protocol form TBS. Crossfire is a brand/product, not a protocol.


I’m in Alberta and all these guys seem to get orders too me pretty quick. The links I sent are all in southern Ontario so you should be able to get things from them right away. There used to be a vendor in Montreal, but I can’t think of who that was. If I remember I’ll post a link.

GetFPV and Racedayquads will ship up here, I’ve used them both. But I just hate getting stuck with customs bills if they use anything other than USPS. The money I “saved” gets spent real quick when DHL or Fedex get involved.

Ok quick update. I have ordered Matek H743-WLITE from GetFPV.

Next will order the Radio Controller.

Will also need to figure out what bettery to order.

Thanks for all your advice it has been really helpful!