Buy Pixhawk 2 Cube Black or Pixhawk 6X?

For a future project, I want to buy a new controller, which is the most efficient?
thank you

Cube has good community and support.
I refer you to choose cube over pixhawk.

And in performance? Because the Cube has been out for several years

I haven’t seen one use report yet of the 6X (or 6C) so how would one know? Cube Orange I suppose you meant as a comparison.

Personaly, Cube Orange is the way to go.

For future project why not have a try with 6X

Because there is no support yet for 6X.

contact technical services.
It is more efficient than the Orange Cube?

On paper many things look great. However, in reality it may be a completely different story as I was reminded last year with my previous FC (Not related to the Pixhawk family of FC’s).

Best is to ask that question again in about 3-6 months. In that way there will be many flight hours of practical flight experience by many users using a variety of drones and combination of technology.

Technical information is available on Holybro’s website: Holybro Store

Thank you for your developed answer.
It’s for a Rover project so it’s not compatible yet…