But it is not working BLHeliSuite32

I did everything like this on this page. http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-dshot.html
I did everything like this on this page. http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-loading-chibios-firmware-onto-pixhawk.html?highlight=chibios%20firmware

but it is not working


You haven’t given a lot of info to work with.

3 questions.

  1. Which type of flight controller?
  2. Have you applied battery power to the esc’s?
  3. Which outputs are they connected to?

A parameter file would be useful.

aux 1,2,3,4
after much suffering I decided to take a mini Arduino and I did with it
after doing the process was first
but I still do not understand why it did not work in PX4 since I did everything as written