Building Copter Firmware question

Is there a list which details all the files used to build the ArduCopter firmware?So far I only found a video showing the whole process of building the Arducopter for Cube Black and then I wrote every file listed there, but I am wondering if there is a more official list of all the files used

when you do ./waf copter it outputs the list of files you seek.

Out of curiosity, if I delete one of those files, does the binary still compiles and I have a faulty binary, or does it flag that something is missing and gives an error?

It will not compile. An error will also be output.

So I did the command,the output is compile_commands.json?

I do not understand your question.

Sorry, I did the ./waf copter command inside my ardupilot folder and said this “Build commands will be stored in build/sitl/compile_commands.json”.

I was asking if this file named compile_commands.json is the list of files output you mentioned

Nope that list is for SITL. You probably want the files for the real copter firmware.

Yes, exactly. A list containing all the files used to build the real copter firmware.

So I cloned the ardupilot repository and then I did checkout to 4.1.0 branch and build the firmware, and then I got the compile_commands and extracted all the files used