Building Ardupilot Plane for APM2.6


How can I check out and build the Plane 3.3.0 branch used to create the latest APM2.6 binaries? I want to make some edits to the codebase and try some things, but unfortunately the only hardware I have is my trusty APM 2.6. I understand that builds of the current HEAD cannot be made for APM anymore as the code size is too large.

I notice when asking waf to list the available targets that APM2 isn’t listed - I’m hoping there’s a branch I can check out with the build config for APM so I don’t have to go spelunking in the build system…

Github has branches for Plane 3.8 and Plane 3.9, but nothing earlier.

Apologies is this is the incorrect place to ask! Point me in the right direction.

“solved” - on github, it has been suggested that I’m toast and that my hardware is no longer supported.