Building a rover/copter hybrid

Hi everyone,

I was thinking of creating a hybrid quad or hex-copter and ground rover for a project. Basically it would be able to fly like a regular multi-rotor, but then when it lands I could switch it to a rover and drive it along the ground. I tried searching for similar projects, but couldn’t find any. I was wondering if anyone was aware of any such projects online that I could take a look at as a guide?

Also, my understanding is that I would need separate flight controllers for running Arducopter and Ardurover. Is this correct?

If anyone could provide any tips or ideas for how this could work, I would really appreciate it.

I never see something similar but only a thought, perhaps you can try to experiment if you can adapt vtol firm? Not shure if its possible, only an idea.

My son has a Syma X9 quadcopter car, but that is only a toy.
Warthox (now quadmovr) made a video, where he fixed a copter ontop of an rc monstertruck. It could not fly for long, but the truck could do long jumps and other stunts.

Found the video:

It actually flew quite well. He even flipped it!

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