Build ardupilot for 2018 scout

I just received 2018 skyviper scout. I build ardupilot from with waf configure --board skyviper-v2450, but it is not working for scout. I also tried waf configure --board skyviper-f412 and it is not working. I build ardupilot for v2450gps and it is working well. Maybe I miss something? How do I build ardupilot for skyviper scout? Thank you very much

Reponse from Tridge on Gitter :
Andrew Tridgell
@chobitsfan yes, use this branch:
build it with: ./waf configure --board skyviper-f412
then: ./waf copter

That way it isn’t lost !

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hi @khancyr I got it, Thank you very much

correction from @chobitsfan :
I think skyviper-f412 is for Journey GPS and skyviper-f412-512k is for Scout. Is it correct? Thank you

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@chobitsfan on the other thread you mentioned that you had to strip down ArduPilot in order to build a smaller image. Can you please tell us what you have removed?

You mentioned as well that you experienced instability with the scout, have yo played with pid as @Leonardthall suggested here

My branch for testing external navigation system with scout is
It is derived from master (3.7.0-dev)

Note: Official firmware fly much better. I do this modification because I want to use motion capture system to do auto flight

Well, I see you have remove a lot aof libraries and even the OpticalFlow ?
I was not aware the the sout was a 512k ram only, something that we dont recommand anymore :frowning:

About the ram/flash size of scout, I just guess it based on my observation, experiment result, and source code from

Ok thanks
I have to admit that It kinda breaks my momentum, I don’t feel like stripping down good working code

Anyway thanks for your contribution

Well I think this is the end of the ‘‘journey’’ for the scout:

…the scout has a problem with vibration that can cause the EKF to diverge under some circumstances. We have EK2_ENABLE=1 to ensure that EKF solution is logged, but it doesn’t actually fly with the EKF in control… maybe with some massive amounts of disabling stuff, the EKF2 can be made to fit and run… but the vibration issue will remain and that might be very bad too… sorry if we didn’t make that clear somewhere before you bought them…

I wish I knew that too :frowning:

where did you read that?

Its part of a discussion on gitter while trying to implement visual odometry code on a scout.
I bought a scout for this setup, and thanks to @chobitsfan efforts, I will save time and use a different platform instead.

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Thanks very much @rmackay9 and @tridge for explain so many details. I want to state that I never want to criticize scout, I just share my experiment that trying to use scout for indoor external navigation.

Pushing the operational envelope to the limit and discovering some flaws is really not criticism. Btw I was able to upgrade my scout for a journey, so the experiments are moving forward with skyviper .


Have almost read every post relating to the scout and journey drones, on this site. I still don’t have one, been doing the whole Tello thing which is super cool and fun, but I want to now move into the ardupilot GPS skyviper journey or 2450.

Get a prop balancer 90% of oem props regardless of manufacturer can not balance a prop from a mold when formed.
Balance each prop then try your experiments again, I bet your vibration will go away and flight time increase.