Bug in the BOOST function

I’m running Arducopter V3.6.0-rc6 on a PixHawk(1), set up as a quad. I have two extra motors (larger) that are both connected to SERVO output 5. When I set SERVO5_FUNCTION to option to “81” and MOT_BOOST_SCALE to “2” and reboot, these values are read back to MP every time I connect via telemetry, but SERVO5 does not produce an output. If I change SERVO5_FUNCTION to some other value (like “53” and do NOt reboot, then SERVO5 mirrors the throttle (CHAN 3) input as expected. If I then change SERVO5_FUNCTION to “81” (again without rebooting), it does what is stated in the documentation (outputs a scaled “internal” throttle value). But when I remove power and restart, SERVO5 has no output - even though telemetry tells me those functions are set to “81” and “2” respectively. In order to get the function to work, I have to manually set SERVO5_FUNCTION to “81” every time I power up. It seems these values aren’t automatically read on every power up or reboot.

This also brings up what I consider to be another problem : As soon as I WRITE the change and set the servo function to 81, the servo output immediately goes to the minimum value - BEFORE the safety switch is pushed and before arming. I think the output should remain inactive before the safety switch is pushed (at least).



Thanks for the report. This sounds like we’re not enabling the servo output properly. I’ve added it to our to-do list for Copter-3.6.