Brushed motors with pixhawk 2.4.8

Hi wonder if anyone can help. I am building a tank style rover. It came with dc6v 133rpm motors and I bought a quicrun 1625 esc to control each. It took me a while to get the pixhawk to “Green” but eventually using QGround I got it (MP wouldn’t do it for some reason). The issue seemed to be calibration. Anyway to get to basics I connected the quicrun to pixhawk channel 1 black at top but the motor does not run when I use radiolink T8Fb controls. The T8FB is connecting to the receiver and that is correctly plugged into the pixhawk. I am beginning to wonder if the quicrun is not driving the motor but I thought it was compatible. Any suggestions appreciated. I wrote to hobbyking to see if there was a way to test the motor and ESC separate from the pixhawk to eliminate the variables but they said it can’t be done.

You can test the motor by connecting it directly to a 6V power source. Brushed motors only need an ESC to control the speed (voltage) and direction (polarity).
If the motor works this way, you can test motor and ESC by connecting the motor to the ESC and the ESC to the receiver, leaving the pixhawk out. If that works, you need to follow the setup steps in the ardurover wiki, to get a working configuration.

Thanks Sebastian. I tested them by buying a tiny servo tester and they both worked fine with the esc’s. I have now got the rig itself to work up to the point that I can get both motors to work in tandem, but for some reason fail to get them to work independently. I know its config in some way but as I am using APM mega its an old version of rover (I think 3.2.1) and I just can’t see how to set the two motors to seperate radio controller buttons