BRD_SBUS_Out changes output signal when safety button is disarmed


Am using BRD_SBUS_OUT to operate a Gentles Ltd 6 function camera controller (part 781 here I have set the Brd_SBUS_Out = 3 and everything works well. Really good…

The one little caveat with this SBUS out function is the Safety Button has to be engaged (light solid) before the output will work. We can work around that, but the real issue is when the safety button is disengaged (ie safety on - light flashing) output from the SBus out port makes my device (and any S-Bus to PWM decoder I have tried go to one extreme). In my case this causes my camera to start video recording. Is there a way to a/ bypass the safety switch or b/ is there a setting that ensures the output of the S-Bus channels ensures the signal is put in a ‘hold’ like a failsafe???

So the work around for this now is we have to turn the camera off before we can make the craft safe… we would prefer being able to make the craft safe before doing anything else to it - you know for safety sake…

I have this running on a Dropix running Copter 3.5.0 and have also tested on a Pixhack (older style) running Copter 3.6.1. Both with same results.

Any thoughts would greatly appreciated

Thank you


Hello - am wondering if any Arducopter Dev could chime in to confirm this is something S-Bus is suppose to do…

Have you set the BRD_SAFETY_MASK for your output Chanel? I’m not very famailar with the sbus output but that would be the way to do it for a normal output. I think this should then be mirrored to the sbus output.

Hi Peter

Thanks for the thought. I have only just got back to the machine to check out your suggestion.

So I have two challenges here - 1/ the functions I am using the S-bus out for are channels 14,15,16 - So the bitmask only looks after up to channel 14 not sure what would happen with the other two. More importantly in the Advanced Parameters screen all channels from 7 to 14 are clicked to be available regardless of the safety switch position. BUT 2/ channel 14 still does not work unless the safety switch is solid. In the Full Parameter list the Brd_Safety_Mask value is 16320 which 11111111000000 converts to…

Screen shots attached

Does anyone have any other thoughts?