BRD_ALT_CONFIG for omnibus f4 pro

Im New to arducopter.
Built a tarot ironman that ive changed lately from inav to arducopter using omnibus f4 pro v3.
Im very happy with the performance. Running v 4.3 now.
Im using a holybro v3 telemetry for GCS and read it was possible to use BRD_ALT_CONFIG to configure telem2 using rssi & pwm5 pads…

My question is- where can I change BRD_ALT_CONFIG
Tried full parameters list (on latest mission planner) but its not there…
Where can I change it?
Thank you…

Ps, Im not very good at programing😅


Hi! I have the same problem on Omnibus F4 Pro V2. Have you sorted it out, or is it still the problem?

Try latest Beta. If not that then Master (-dev version)