Bootloader update with mavproxy

Hi all. I am trying to update my custom bootloader using flashbootloader command in mavproxy console. I get the message failed to find bootloader.bin. Can someone help me with the following.

In which directory should the custombootloader.bin file be placed for the mavproxy to read the file?
Thanks in advance


Normally, we embed the bootloader into the firmware. The flashing operate directly from the vehicle code.

Thank you for responding @khancyr
So whenever we upload using ./waf --targets bin/arducopter --upload, is the bootloader packed inside arducopter.bin and uploaded onto the board?

doing this will only use ArduPilot default bootloader.
If you modified the bootloader, you should do :

./Tools/scripts/ <board>
./waf configure --board <board>
/waf --targets bin/arducopter --upload

That should build your bootloader and embed it into the firmware.

Hi @khancyr
I did as you suggested.
The command ./Tools/scripts/ fmuv3 did replace the file fmuv3_bl.bin in Tools/bootloaders/ directory.
I changed the BL_PROTOCOL_VERSION in bl_protocol.cpp to 10. When I connected my board to QGC it says Bootloader version 5 detected.
Is there a simple way to check if my bootloader is actually there on the board?
Thanks a tonne for your support.


./waf --targets bin/arducopter --upload

you can now use mavproxy or Mission planner to upgrade the bootloader !

I think you misunderstood me. I made changes to bootloader and I want to upload my custom bootloader. In my custom bootloader I changed BL_PROTOCOL_VERSION to 10 from 5. Following the instructions from your earlier reply I built bootloader and uploaded the firmware.
After uploading the firmware, QGC recognizes the board with bootloader version 5.
So I am not really sure if my custom bootloader was uploaded onto the board.
Is there any easier way to check if my custom bootloader is there on the board?

like I said.
You have embed your new bootloader into the firmware and flash the firmware. Now, you need to say to the firmware to flash the new bootloader : see