Bootloader on STM32 boards (PixHawk family) running Chibios

With the release of the Chibios versions of ArduPilot, one thing was missing, but not any longer. The bootloader.

@tridge managed to create a very easy process to update the bootloader, and the process is quite easy.

Note: If your board is one of the original first batches of the 3DR PixHawk, or can be identified as a FMUv2 or PX4v1 the bootloader is not included on the firmware file, so this procedure does not apply

Let’s go:

Connect your board to QGC with the USB cable and choose the latest release version of ArduPilot:

after this (the board reboots) go back to the same screen and tick the advanced check box at the top right corner

after the box is selected you can see a Flash Chibios bootloader button. Press it and done…

If you really, really want to be sure, then download the firmware file from

and flash it manually

then proceed to update the bootloader as above.

And done (again) :slight_smile:

Welcome to a full Chibios ArduPilot :slight_smile:


That is great. I just updated my 3DR pixhawk. Sony Vaio laptop opensuse linux, It went through beautifully.:clap::clap: