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Boat Loiter in a strong current


(rmackay9) #1

Many have probably already seen this video but in any case it is a follow-up test of Boat Loiter (aka “position hold for boats”) but this time in a relatively strong current. This new mode is included in Rover-3.4 which will become the official release in the next day or two.

The frame is a development frame from EAMS Lab (formerly known as eLAB). It is basically a boogie board with two thrusters on it from BlueRobotics with the electronics in a sealed box. It’s surprisingly quick and agile.

You might see in the picture at the end that there’s an Ecologger ECT400 underwater sonar attached. We also tested this and it worked but I’ll blog about that again once we’ve completed the underwater maps,

The location is Arakawa river in norfthern Saitama near Tokyo Japan.

(David Boulanger) #2

I emailed the Ecologger people and never heard back. Is there a distributor?

(rmackay9) #3

Hi David,

I got an email from them yesterday so I’ll try and direct them your way.

(Kookdae) #4

they are normally very quick to answer, have you tried

(rmackay9) #5

Here’s another video from DavidB who has been actively beta testing and feeding back results:

(Per) #6

This looks very impressive! Are you only using GPS or RTK as well?

(rmackay9) #7


Thanks! This is just with a regular Here GPS (a UBlox8).