Boat drift because of wind and cannot correct itself

Hello All,
Yesterday, I tested my boat with two motors in the back for the first time. I noticed that when the wind blows from the opposite side of where the boat is moving, it makes the boat turn slightly. Then the boat stops and tries to point in the right direction towards the next waypoint. After it adjusts, the wind makes it drift again, and the boat stops again to fix its direction. The boat gets stuck at a certain point and tries to adjust forever.

I’m using Rover firmware, and I see a boat icon while in Mission Planner. also, the boat is not a sailboat.

My questions are:

  1. When a rover goes off course, the logical way to fix its direction is to stop, adjust, and then go. But in the case of a boat, I think it needs to keep moving and correct itself as it moves. Am I missing something here? Is there any option to adjust such continuous movement?
  2. Could the problem be because the motors I’m using aren’t powerful enough compared to the size and weight of the boat? They’re 2hp trolling motors for a pontoon boat weighing around 700 pounds.
    Thanks a bunch

Its should adjust its heading so that it tracks along the intended straight line path regardless of the wind, have you done much tuning yet?

Thanks for the reply,
That is a good point. No, I haven’t done any tuning yet. I started studying the “full parameter” list to see if I could find any parameter relevant to this issue. I will also study the tuning process and go from there.
The full parameter list is pretty complicated to me. Do you know any specific parameters that I better educate myself about the m first?
[FRAME_CLASS] is set to 2, and this is the only parameter I have set so far!

There is a page of basic tuning parameters separate to the full parameter list for quick access, there is plenty of info in the docs around tunung of steering and navigating.