Board param copy


I would love to confirm one thing about full param copy.

if I have set up one F405wing board with ardupilot. then I flash it to inav. then I flash it back with the full param I stored before Inav flashing(same plane same installation). does that mean I do not need to do 3axis acc calibration or anything else?

if I have set up one F405wing board with ardupilot. if I have another F405wing on the same plane same installation. can I just do Load from File with param file from the previous F405wing board and doing 3 axis acc calibration. or anything else?

Good day, as the boards are the same type you can copy the parameters

You will have to perform an Accelerometer calibration after loading the parameters file back in. Just take a look at INS_ACCOFF_X/Y/Z after you Load From File, they will be reset to zero. Not all parameters are set from a saved parameter file. I would perform an Accel and mag cal.

why the copy takes more than one time. i noticed that not all the param will be copied from first time. it it always has some param left and need to copy it one more time. or maybe I did not operate correctly?

Don’t rely on a saved parameter file to load all the settings. These files are best used for archiving purposes only. I never use the Load From File feature for any purpose. You can use Compare parameters and update them manually.

Thank you for telling that. I will use the compare.
One more thing to double check as the three axis calibration is kind of a pain for the airplane. For one airplane I use Inav and ardupilot by switching the firmware. Can I keep the 3axis acc Calibration of ardupilot. Then copy to the same board and same airplane If the board being reflashed.

Yes, that should be OK.