BlueOS 1.1.0 Stable Release

After 17 months of development (including 30 beta releases), BlueOS 1.1 brings a revamped interface and an extended and more powerful experience for your vehicle configuration and integrations.

Check the release announcement here:


Thanks Patrick, - you have the most interesting projects !

Im about to head into town, now it seems i need to pick up a new Raspberry Pi to have a play with BlueOS v1.1 and a maybe couple of camera’s also.

Congratulations to the team on all the testing and hardwork - and cool artwork to get this software production ready.

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Hi @kiwiPaul,

Thanks for you kind words, you are much than welcome to checkout the project, open issues and ask questions! I hope that it can help in your project.

Btw, I’m working on a BlueOS node-red extension after your post, it took 30min to create one.
It should be available on the BlueOS store tomorrow.

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This is great timing and good news.

I just grabbed a new Raspberry pi 4B and an ip webcam for a project.
Im loading blueOS as we speak. Node red integration will make this even better.

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Good day, seems an interesting platform… it’s possible use it also for arduboat?
After years developing air drones and in the last few years some hardware for drones, i would like developed a boat for ships docking monitoring control

Hi @Dave84,

Yes, it supports by default ArduSub and ArduRover/ArduBoat.
It can also work with ArdoCopter and others as well, not heavily tested with Px4 but it should work.

Hi @kiwiPaul,

Node-RED is already available as a BlueOS extension.

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Sounds good… there is a link for firmware download and also an alternative program to qgroundcontrol

Hi @Dave84,

I would recommend taking a look on our advanced guide to see everything that is currently possible.

great… it’s necessary use it under linux environment or with a raspberry?

Hi @Dave84,

I would recommend taking a look in our installation guide, but flashing a Raspberry Pi sdcard is the quickest way. You can also install from scratch in a linux computer, right now we support armv7, arm64 and amd64, but some changes may be required based on the running OS, debian is the recommended for now.

Will this work on a Pi Zero W?

Hi @hatless,

The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is compatible due to its armv8 architecture. However, the Raspberry Pi Zero W is not compatible because it’s armv6.

The supported architectures are armv8/aarch64, armv7 and amd64.

The main problem with armv6 is that mostly OS don’t support it anymore and binaries/packages are hard to find.

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Good day, in the topic I forgot read properly i saw that BlueOs it’s also supported by ArduCopter… you mean that it’s not use as main ChibiOs?