BLHeli_32Suite passthrough fails

Presently using Mission Planner, ChiBios 3.6.5, trying to program Lumenier BLHeli32 36A ESC's using BLHeli_32Suite, passthrough.   Have read and tried everything under (DShot and BLHeli ESC Support) in Ardupilot. 
I have noticed there are other individuals that have indicated they are dealing with the same issue.  unfortunately there are no log files of this issue to send forward. 
Would it be possible for a developer who is not to busy to take a look at this issue.  As I'm at a impasse with my build along with other individuals waiting a resolution.  Any help would be greatly apparated.

Make sure ESC is powered and pixhawk is talking to GCS via telemetry and blheli suite is talking via USB.