Binding R9 SX to R9M external module on a Jumper T16 Pro with OpenTX

Hi, Not sure if this is the right place, but here we go: I have a Jumper T16 Pro with the latest OpenTx firmware and a FrSky R9M external module.
I just got 2 new FrSky R9 SX receivers. I cannot make them to bind to the R9M external module. I could bint the radio with the R9 mini and R9 mini plus with no problem ( cannot use these as they are installed in two other quads, I am building a new 450 Pixhawk4. Any Idea?
Thanks Ddier. PS I know how to bind receivers, up until now…

Not the right place as it has nothing to do with Arducopter but the R9 SX is ACCESS only. Try the R9 Slim OTA and flash it with ACCST when you recieve it as it will come with ACCESS.

Unless you want to do this. But then you will be stuck on that Version of OpenTx as it seems to be static now: