Big Yaw oscillations

Hello everyone, i managed to tweak PIDs a little bit so my hexacopter can fly better. However, yaw is a big problem to me. When im flying the drone constantly have oscillations in yaw, it is moving left and right rapidly and when i try to correct it he lose altitude really fast and then come back again up. If someone can look log file it would be much appreciated.


How did you arrive at those Rate Yaw P&I values?

Also, the log shows this craft is overweight/underpowered.

HI, thank you for an answer, well it was quite difficult to manage this drone flying. First of all Autotune set PIDs to 0.550 for p,i roll and p,i pitch. Then i tried flying with it next day and i got very high oscillations, i put down PIDs to 0.370 and everything seems ok now, pitch and roll are stable as i can see on diagrams, but yaw isnt. Autotune tuned very low yaw p, i set it to 0.273 and it correct it to 0.278. Where i can see that craft is overweight?

Most likely because you had aggression set to .05. Set it back to default (0.1)and start over.

everything is fine with that parameter, agression is set to 0.1, where i can see that drone is overweight?

Graph the RC Outputs. At hover the average commanded PWM output should be ~1500us