Big GPS Round Up

POWER_STATUS is really interesting! The overall sanctity of the system can be governed.

I wonder how will the Helical antenna will perform if it is tilted by 90 degrees in case of tailsitters!

Great work Tridge. Thank you.

I’ve paired my F9s with Tallysman TWI7972 antenna and seeing great results. Yeah the antenna is more expensive than the receiver. We use this configuration for our PPK based ground control points.


15 seconds is too much in our application, it looses fix and we have to restart the job. With str2str never looses it, happy with it.

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This is very valuable testing. In fact, let’s crowd source this so we can continue to compile more hardware performance. Is there a wiki we could use to track the performance vs equipment matrix?



To enable Galileo on ublox GPS there is this unmerged PR

I use it on my Copters with M8N with success.

yep ! I know, I am trying to get somebody more qualified than me to review this. It would be good to have it

Very interesting results!

Silly question - do all of these also include a compass? The Holybro site doesn’t refer to a compass built in, but does identify SDA / SCL pins on the connector.

Is there a local (Australia) source for Holybro that you’re aware of?

The holybro ones do have an IST8310 compass builtin on I2C. Sorry for not mentioning that.


Thank you! It would be very useful for those living in Europe! :slight_smile:

Really good review. Thanks