Big GPS Round Up

Absolutely fascinating! The level of detail and precision in the GPS module testing is commendable. The insights gained from the experiments shed light on the performance differences among various modules and antennas in different scenarios.

The comparison between CEP and HEP values before and after RTK corrections highlights the substantial impact of correction data on accuracy. The clarity in presenting results and acknowledging the experimental conditions adds credibility to the findings.

The mention of power supply importance for F9P modules and the emphasis on firmware updates contribute valuable practical tips for users. It’s always great when real-world tests bring out nuances that might be overlooked.

As for the inquiry about viewing CEP and HEP in telemetry logs via MAVExplorer, I’m intrigued to know the answer as well. Exploring the intricacies of telemetry logs and extracting such metrics seems like an invaluable skill for anyone working with GPS modules.

Overall, a fantastic read! It’s evident that your efforts in conducting these tests and sharing the knowledge will benefit the community. Looking forward to more insightful articles. Happy flying