Bicopter drone using an outdated APM 2.8

Dear All i am new in apm 2.8 and i want to make a bicopter drone using Apm 2.8,kindly help how i programme for bicopter using Mission planner or any other APP
Need your help as i am hobbiest

I would 1st start with a supported Flight Controller that will run the latest version of Ardupilot.

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Thanks for reply

Low Budget sir…

There are plenty of very cheap STM32 F7 based board that are cheaper and better than the APM 2.8 board.

Sell your APM 2.8 and buy a F7 board. Avoid F4 boards as well.

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The newer boards aren’t just “better.” They are currently supported, and the active community has a high degree of familiarity, so you’ll get much better support than if you choose to use the older APM hardware that some of us never used, and the rest have largely forgotten.