Bi direction rotation

How to set up the dual direction on my octo copter, I use ESC T-motor ALPHA, and I need that when I release the throttle stick to a minimum, the motors turn in the opposite direction, and when the throttle stick is in neutral position, it hangs in the air, like DJI

By the minimum position of the throttle stick, I mean 1000
By the neutral position of the throttle stick, I mean 1500
By the maximum position of the throttle stick, I mean 2000

Can the T-Motor Alpha do that?
AFAIK they can not, and you will need other ESCs

After that you will need to change the source code of ArduPilot to use that, recompile it, upload it and test it on a real vehicle.

But do they support DShot?

Are you answering my question with another question? :slight_smile:

D-shot is just a digital protocol, the ESC is the one that decides what to do with the digital data. Not all ESCs can make the motors rotate in both directions without physicaly rewiring/resodering their connections.

BD-shot a.k.a “Bidirectional D-shot” just means that the data moves in both directions to and from the ESC. It again does not mean that the ESC can move the motor in both directions. Just that the ESC is able to send telemetry data back to the flight controller.

What you want is reversible BD-Shot capable ESCs like described here: DShot ESCs — Copter documentation

Hanging in the air like DJI would be AltHold mode with no GPS assist, or with GPS it is Loiter or Poshold mode. Do you really want the motors to turn in the other direction or do you want the copter to descent with the stick below 1500us? I have a hard time imagining a 3d octocopter…

Some people want the copter to “glue” itself to inclined solar pannels while landed. I assume this is the case here.

Ah ok, thanks for the info!

What did T-Motor say when you asked them those questions?

I didn’t ask them, thank you for your interest

Thank you for paying attention, I have already solved the problem using Loiter mode