Bi-diractional communication between ArduPilot and an Android device via the transmitter

Note: Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but I couldn’t think of where else to post it.

I am trying the see if it is possible to establish bi-directional communication between Ardupilot and an Android Device via the transmitter.

To be more specific, I would like an Android device to have access to the telemetry information(like GPS position of the drone, battery voltage, waypoint status etc) that a compatible transmitter would receive from a drone.

And I would like the Android device to send information (Like waypoints, commands like start mission, stop the mission, return home etc) to the drone via the transmitter.

I know there are several posts on the internet hinting at extracting telemetry info from a transmitter onto an android phone using either Bluetooth or USB serial. But I haven’t seen a step by step tutorial anywhere. Has anyone here managed to achieve this? can you help me get started? or send me some links that I can look at to get started?

As for sending info from an Android Device to the drone via the transmitter, is this even possible?

There is an app for android device , QgroundControl
Information here

Hi, thanks for the reply.
How does QgroundControl connect to the drone, WiFi? I was hoping for a little more range than what WiFI offers.

433mHz Telemetry radios. You need an OTG cable for your Android.

More info here: Telemetry

Awesome, thanks for the info.