Bi-Copter issues

Trying to build a BiCopter and running into alot of issues. The aircraft is a dual ducted fan with vanes under for pitch and yaw control. So far I’ve tried every combination of software I can think of. Plane, set up as a quadplane tailsiter. Multirotor/Copter with bicopter frame selected but nothing is working.
I got the closest with Q-plane but I didn’t have full control over the lower vanes like I need them to be. So I saw Copter supports Bi-copter but when I select it the frame type always defaults to X and it then looks for 4 motors and throws errors of unable to setup the motors. Even after going into the servo funtion and removing motors1-4 and selecting throttle Left/Right and tilt L/R for the servos I still get the software looking for the 4 motors. ANT help would be greatly appreciated.
Cube Black
Q-Ground Control (Latest Version)
Copter Version 4.0.7