Betaflight to Arducopter - PID strategy?

Hello all,

I’m not new to Arduplane, but I am new to Arducopter. I’m also not new to PID tuning. What I’m looking for is any advice on converting my Betaflight running Flywoo Explorer 4" quad to Arducopter, and specifically any advice on getting the PID tuning “close” on the initial setup.

I’m comfortable with the uart setup. I’m swapping my gps for a gps and compass module, and generally confident I can figure out the rest. I’m really just asking if there is either:

  1. a formula or rule of thumb to transpose BF PIDs to Arducopter.
  2. is there a default PID starting point anyone would suggest for this type of drone?

To be clear, I’m not looking for high performance freestyle tuning. Just something stable for cruising.

Thanks again.

Sure. Google “Arducopter Tuning” and this will be at the top of the search:
Initial Tuning

Then you would configure the Dynamic Notch filter and either Auto Tune or Tune manually.

Ok thanks, that was my back pocket approach if nothing else existed. Can I assume, based on your answer, that my #1 (formula to convert from BF to Ardu) doesn’t exist?

Correct. Here’s a summary of why, it did start out about Filters but covers petty much everything:


Understood, thanks. Much appreciated for the help.

It doesn’t exist.