Best Zoom camera for ardupilot integration

I’m building a utility line inspection rig. It needs a camera with minimum 10x optical zoom, live video out, and a 20 megapixel sensor. What camera that is currently available is a good fit? Is there anything you can control the zoom on? Would it require CHDK coding? Thanks for the help!

@vosair Quality cam will do it. Just need to select correct lense to go with it.

If you need a very good stabilized zoom camera you should go for Sony mechanical gyro stabilized cameras .

I build a gimbal a while ago for the CX-730 , that has a 17x zoom


with great results when zooming matters

You can’t ride two horses with one ass. Either a good zoom camera or a photo camera with high res sensor. There is not solution without a compromise.

You are right Adreas, but for live viewing the best IMO are Sony gyro stabilized cameras since full HD is the best resolution you can have with live feed .

Hi im looking for a zoom camera just like vosair.
I allready thougt of con/prosumer camcorders as well but i did nor realy find good ways to remote control them how did you do it?

Thanks for bringing this back to life @Jakob_Lang
I could use some humor today :grinning: