Best way to switch between single and dual operator on a camera copter?

Does anyone have experience with an easy way to switch a camera copter between single and dual operator in the field? The best thing I’ve been able to come up with is loading a different .param file for single or dual operator. The dual operator profile would enable a bluetooth gamepad to control the gimbal and camera functions. Ideally I’d like to avoid switching between .param files. Are there TX/RX systems that allow for 2 remotes to be bound to the same RX? We are currently using FrSky QX7 which only allow single binding. Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Possibly with the use of a unit like this?

I use a X9D taranis as main controller with slides for gimbal single remote and then when I need dual remotes I use a 3.5mm trainer cable to connect another old 9XR which only outputs the PPM channels for gimbal. Set a function switch on master remote to allow trainer override on the gimbal channels so when the slave remote is plugged in they can operate the gimbal

That sounds like a good option, but for our application it’d be best to not have the two TX tethered by the trainer cable. A wireless trainer cable would be great, but I haven’t found anything like that.

Seems to be out of stock.

Here’s the answer I was looking for :smiley:

D4R or compatible with cppm output will also work. Simple solution