best solution for a 30km video trasmition

hello wanted some advice in what to buy for a 30km video link

or this ?

This device is manufactured by a company caled Skydroid. There is a section in this forum dedicated to this companies products…they might be able to help.

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One thing you should be aware of and it generally applies to all of these all in one controllers like the H16 or the AK28…They typically only support one receiver. If you want a second receiver you have to bind and config the second one and the first no longer works unless you then bind it and then the second no longer works. This is an issue I have complained to Skydroid and SIYI about. So the future this may change but for now. ITs one controller for one model.

don‘t know if you‘re explicitly looking for a HD link, but an analog 1.2/3 GHz video link will support that range with a medium gain directional antenna on the receiving end.
mateksys offers some affordable and convenient hardware of that type:

check respective local regulations.

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ohh ok yes this could be a big problem thanks i am contacting them today