Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

Hello @rickyg32,
To the H16 model, it need/could be turned to Mode 2 and has spring removed?
If not, how to fly in stabilize flight mode where we need to start throttle from zero?

Hi Giliardi
Sorry I don’t know how the H16 works. I have tried to get a hold of one but no luck. I do know that the M12 and T12 are both easy to convert. Do yo currently have an H16, if so is there a kit with a spring and a small piece of metal in it. This I know comes with the T12 and M12 to convert them to Mode 2.

@rickyg32 I don’t have yet. Thinking to buy one to try but I afraid of the sticks behavior.
Today I use Futaba radios.
I will ask for cuav support about that.

you have not ordered it…ok cool. Who ever you buy it from should be able to send you a mode 2 version. I know that Skydroid was making them available. Sorry I thought you had it and needed to convert it…no problem buying one.

Now I ordered, but waiting for delivery… in Covid times, about 30 days! :turtle:
I talked to support team. The sticks come middle centered (with springs). The mode (1 or 2) is on software settings.
They send me 2 videos showing how to replace the spring (spare parts are included in the box).
When it arrived, I’ll be able to tell more about that.

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ya the conversion is very easy to do. The software will refer to USA versus Japanese Hand…you want US.


Does anyone here have the H16 or what foxtech calls the MX16. Wondering how many receivers or models it supports.

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yes i have that question also how can we contact the manufacture?

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So I managed to get the answer. IT supports a single receiver.
I let them know that they need to change that strategy as these devices are too expensive to dedicate to one aircraft. IF it supported multiple models like say a Taranis…people would be more inclined to purchase them as they can spread the investment across a number of machines. But one receiver only means one model. I confirmed this also with Foxtech.

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So if i loose my drone and the vtx then i can not buy onother one to use with my remote?

Now that I don’t know. I just know that once you bind the receiver you can’t bind a second. I suspect if you lost the first one you would just bind it to a new one. You just can’t bind more then one at any one time. The taranis for instance or any other normal hobby controller allows you to bind a receiver for each model you have, the H16 doesnt…at least not yet.

If they are going to work on that perhaps it should Autobind to any receiver running their protocol.

Dave your always thinking…great idea.lol

is there any way to recieve the video of the vtx with a deferent video reciever so you have to reciver stations for the video ?

None that I know of, It’s a dedicated video system as far as I know.

I wanted to buy a T12 controller, but from what I read, the android APK is not working properly and there is a crash when connected to the internet and the maps are not working.
Is there any alternative method of communication? Is it possible to directly connect the T12 to QGroundControl or another working application and have a video feed?

Qgroundcontrol works fine and if I recall the Wifi issue on the Skydroid app was corrected you just need to upgrade it.
There is also an Android version of Mission planner thats available as well.

Thanks for the answer. I have tried to run every version of the Skydroid app found on the internet and they all crash.
From what I understand, only QGC works without video mode?
By purchasing this radio, is it possible to use it on 100% without Skydroid apps?
I like the idea of this equipment, the range, but I’m afraid to buy it.

So the simple answer is no. The helper app is a must to configure the unit and the FPV app is needed for the video. IF you have them working then you can use QGC…as for the specific problem your having with the apps. The people on the forum may have better insight then I do.

@Zordon You can use the skydroid sdk provided here to create an android apk to get the h264 video data packets. Then it is possible to use gstreamer libraries for android to create a udp h264 video stream or rtsp video stream and open the skydroid video with qgc.