Best most stable firmware for Iris plus

This might be a stupid question but what do you all be the most reliable and stable release of adrucopter. I’m running an Iris plus no mods stock battery etc. And would like to put the most stable version of adrucopter on iris even if it’s an older version I’m looking for stability and relibility?

Version 3.5.4 has been getting good reviews

The current stable release is 3.5.3, which is perfectly safe to use on an Iris or anything else. This is what you’ll get when you hit the quad button in Mission Planner’s firmware installer. The current beta release is 3.5.4-RC1, which IMO Is perfectly safe to use as well since there isn’t any major changes that would affect operation. This is what you get when you select the beta firmware in Mission Planner.

yeah i will probably update to the latest then. i appreciate your responses !