Best method for position and heading accuracy in horrific rf/mag fields?

(Follow up to a previous post regarding yaw log values.)

I’m currently conducting some research flights in very close proximity to the roof of a building. Rather unfortunately, this roof contains a considerable about of metal (almost everything is clad in corrugated iron sheeting), and even the “floor” is a steel grille. While I don’t necessarily need overly high positional accuracy during flight (a lot of it is manual), I do need the logged data to be as accurate as possible.

Currently I’m using a pixracer and a Here GPS, but planning on upgrading to a cube as the pixracer just doesn’t quite seem stable (and presumably the cubes have much better shielding etc). With flights carried out so far, there is a significant GPS position offset (the aircraft thinks it’s about 15m west of where it is), and at least in the logs 20-30deg of compass error.

So far I’m planning on the cube and probably some sort of rtk system - are there any other upgrades/replacements that will enhance the accuracy of my readings? I am using quite a small aircraft, so dual GPS might not be practical, but could probably be worked around if it is the best option.


Is it a clone PixRacer with one IMU? I have 3 PixRacers and they perform well but most of the ones you see now, unless they come from Mro, the ICM-20602 has been removed. That was the better of the 2 IMU’s. Perhaps some other cost cutting measures.

BTW-One is on a 210 size 5" quad. A very good performer.

These are genuine Mro units, admittedly they’re far from brand new and have been used on a handful of projects. I’ve had some pretty shocking customer support from Mro lately (Completely different to dealings with them in the past), so no complaints from moving away from them.

OK, thanks for the info. Some have bought clone units that even stated they had both IMU’s only to find out the description was wrong. Not suggesting the Cube isn’t a good choice just interested in what’s out there for PixRacers these days.

Not sure about your GPS positional error but you could try a RM3100 compass module.

Take a look at the here 3. Good price point with a ton of features that you need to meet your requirements.