Best low cost Pixhawk/PX4 clone

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Please suggest good low cost Pixhawk / PX4 clone, there are numbers of Chinese pixhawk available but in that which best please suggest, please suggest some good brand which are selling pixhawk at low cost .
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Sir thanks for reply, sir Pixracer has only six output but i need atleast 8 output for my VTOL. Plz guide more economical solution. Please

I use this one on Amazon:

It works well for me.


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If you want cheap then a Pixhawk 2.4.8 is hard to beat.I have three of the white cased models (see Adrians link above) running and they all perform fine.If you want guaranteed well made and more quality then try a CUAV Pixhack.I have three of these working also and they are hard to fault.The V3 model is excellent.Check them out.Both have the full output range unlike the Pixracer (I’ve got one of those too).

This is the full Pixhack kit including GPS/compass.

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Respected Adrian Sir and Jagger Sir, Heartly Thanks for your experianfull guidelines. . . . The white case pixhawk has given 2 mb flash but mostly other Chinese pixhawk not specified flash memory in specification. In some discussion, some one says that low cost pixhawk come with low flash memory, may be for that reason they does not specifies flash memory. But white case pixhawk shows 2 mb flash memory in specification and this is very good, so I am planning to buy white case pixhawk. Before to buy I will compare with Pixhack also.
Heartly Thanks . . . Sir

All three of my 2.4.8 Pixhawks are 2Mb flash and so are the Pixhacks.For the money they are excellent.

There are clone Pixhacks around but I have no experience of them.I always buy CUAV.

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Sir, Thanks for Information . . . .