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Benewake TFmini PLUS - Will Not Report Distance

I have a vectored yaw aircraft (Nimbus 1800 VTOL) detailed here around page 611.

She hovers fine and all instruments/behavior is as expected.

My next project with her is to install a TFmini Plus from Benewake but I am having trouble getting her to work.

Problem: I cannot get Pixhawk 2.1 to show any rangefinding data.

Fact 1 - The TFmini Plus works with a TTL-USB converter that is plugged into my PC and I am able to do everything with the provided Benewake software except send/receive commands. Product manual is here.

Fact 2 - When I hook it up to my Cube Black (Pixhawk 2.1) by way of a home made adapter cable that is inserted into the GPS2 port, I can see that it is getting power via the reddish light it emits and because it is getting warm. Yet I do not get distance reports as shown below (I have already tried to swap the Rx and Tx connections, both give the same results shown below)


Fact 3 - Here are my settings as I have gleamed from multiple sources such as this one:

Fact 4 - I am using ArduPlane V3.9.11 (a23329b2) but the manual provided by Benewake does not specify coptor or plane, let alone VTOL plane versions:

Fact 5 - Someone claims to have made it work on their Pixhawk 2.1:

Fact 6 - I found a developer thread that as of Sept 2019 that support for the TFmini Plus has not yet arrived and yet here it seems to have been figured out.

Can anyone spot what I’ve missed??

I found this on their github, so not sure if you need to use pix mode anymore.

Yes, if you use RNGFND_TYPE = 20 you should use the standard mode.
Maybe I missunderstood your connections, but use a 5V bec to feed the rangefinder. Do not use the GPS2 power supply.

I am opting to not install this ability until I can get some help from the manufacturer who has been contacted.


I have also quit using this and gone back to tfmini uart version which works on serial just fine. I have tried to get mini plus to work on serial but always struck out! Please let me know what they say!!

It has been quite a while since I contacted the company that makes this module. I have sent two emails and talked via chat with no help. Disappointed.


I have managed to get these working on uart without any changes straight out of the box from the company, but only one at a time. Cannot seem to get multiple working.

Can you see a difference between how you got yours to work versus mine?

all i can see is you have pix mode checked


Use this to setup your parameters and NOT anything else:

I also had the Tx and Rx wires reversed on the custom connection I had to make because Benewake currently does not have an I2C connector option.

You must also reboot the autopilot for it to accept these changes.

I used the Telem2 port on the Cube Black and told pixhawk that it was the TFmini (currently option 20) and NOT option 25 which is the TFmini Plus I2C.

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