Benewake TFmini option In Copter-3.6.4 & Mission planner 1.3.62

Hi all,

I am testing Copter.3.6.4 on Pixhawk with mission planner 1.3.62 and unable to find "Benewake TFmini" in Range Finder menu in Mission planner (see picture below). Even when put RNGFND_TYPE at 20 nothing happens.

On the other hand, I have another Pixhawk board loaded with Plane 3.9.4 and in this configuration the same Mission planner shows the "Benewake TFmini" in Range Finder menu. I am able to configure it correctly and get it work (see picture below).

I was expecting Copter.3.6.4 to handle "Benewake TFmini" Lidar in the same way as Copter.3.6.4.

I am missing something? Does Mission planner points on the final Copter.3.6.4 release?


Problem fixed in 3.6.5.