Beginner to Autopilot

Hello, I am a beginner to the autopilot drone. May I seek some help how can I setup a drone using the arduino and APM 2.6? Thank you.

There is a lot of documentation online, I suggest you read it. However be warned that APM 2.6 is obsolete and not supported by ardupilot anymore. It can work with an old version, but you’ll be running an old build and reading old deprecated docs.

This is the place to start
Copter Home

APM 2.6 is OK for getting started and still does a good job, but as @marcmerlin pointed out, it is not the latest and will not run the latest firmware.

However, just get Mission Planner, plug in the APM and Mission Planner will load the correct version of firmware for you, which is 3.2.1

The Wiki is still good for all other aspects of information for setting up, and still refers to the APM in some sections.