Begginer feasibility questions and general advice

Not sure if this is the right subforum (or it could be that you are even sick of questions like this, I did search without avail) but I’m a novice without any flying/rc experience and looking to get into (mostly) long-range plane flying. And I have some questions that I did not find answers to when googling around.

I’m not sure if it’s even feasible to jump “straight” into Ardupilot, or do I need substantial experience first with regular RC Flying?
I know my way around tech/electronics so that aspect is not what worries me. Also own several programmers, soldering iron,…

If it is feasible to jump “straight” into Ardupilot, what would be a good starting point for a novice in these “chip-shortage” days, preferably inside EU. I have been eyeing the Orange Cube, pixhawk and other popular choices but there is a lot on offer. As for the size of the plane, I’m targeting something like “Flying Dragon 2160mm Mapping/FPV Plane” (without VTOL capabilities for start). If that does not sound completely bonkers to the experienced guys :smiley:

Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

P.S: I did check local regulations and what licence(s) I have to get for really flying this out of sight, but fortunately I have a “big back yard” where I would be able to test this out/learn/configure without causing any problems while I get the appropriate permits.

They have some kits for cubes, they are good for beginners, you can also take a look at ArduPilot Compatible Items from MATEK.

This is one good looking plane and I think it would be great with ArduPlane :slight_smile:
But first I recommend you to experience autopilot (and also flying skills) with a DIY plane.
Flite Test has great build plans (my personal choice is FT Legacy).

Always follow the regulations :slight_smile: