Before I buy, can somone check out what I am buying?

Upgrading my Tundra V2 with new components. Thanks to everyone, I have more-or-less figured out a final component list, want to get someone to give my list a look.

FC: (includes built-in barometer, so I am using that barometer) (does this thing add OSD to the video feeds being sent through it?)
MATEK H743-WLITE (from aliexpress. If there is an option that costs 100 usd and is in UK id like to know, aliexpress feels a bit slow w 1 month shipping for me)

Telemetry: (wish there was something w more range that is in budget, like 1km range)

GPS and Compass:

ELRS reciever:

As for the battery powering all this (The previous batteries had to be decommisioned after getting way too puffy) I think I might go for a 5000 mAH that is on a slightly bonkers price reduction. Or it feels like slightly bonkers: The less mAH you go for, the more expensive it gets!? From Hobbyking (3S)

VTX may be upgraded later if I need a VTX with an OSD input (current OSD does not have that functionality). Airspeed sensors and rangefinder will also get added to the plane after I get this initial setup working.

Slightly over my original budget when I realised I would have to get batteries too. Don’t really care - the budget limits are set by me anyway. But paying slightly more to get the FC faster is kinda a goal for me

Does all of this work together properly? Is there an issue with relying on the FC’s internal barometer?
Did I miss something slightly essential?

UK - flight controller I want

All Ardupilot supported boards with a few exceptions have a barometer. It’s not common to use an external one. That board has on-board OSD as does most of these board level Flight Controllers. It looks like a good combination to me if that GPS fit’s OK. It’s a big Plane so I suppose it does.

You should get 1km out of the Sik Radio. I have gotten more or less depending on several factors. I don’t know what Transmitter you have but you could potentially use the Yaapu Lua script to get Telemetry on your Transmitter. I use that way more often than connecting to a Ground Station. But, you will want the Sik telemetry radios anyway as they are useful for configuration, calibration and tuning.

Honestly, I am not sure what is Yaapu lua.
Does it make it so that the info sent from plane to ground station is also read by remote control?

I’m more interested in being able to edit waypoints in the go.
My primary source of battery voltage, etc is a fpv receiver that can be attached to my phone, or fpv headset, and the OSD.

On phone - can’t research what Yaapu lua is too well

Thx for confirmation about what goes in my plane for ardupilot.
Probably will buy the stuff tommorow, and then go thru setup process a week or two later
(some plane batteries I need are the bottleneck of when my plane will get in the air, last ones got fried)

That gps is in a big protective case but you can get the base modules on a pcb that will be smaller and simpler for the matek fc, the only reason to go the round type gps case for me is for mech/weather protection. But you can happily have the gps inside a fuselage

Yappu means no gcs needed for simple flights, you can also just use osd info, on goggles and go no gcs. I have a bixler which my kids fly from gpggles with osd, no telemetry radio just dji caddx vtx and an rc link. I also have an asw28 that i fly from laptop over lte, (no goggles, no telemetry radio and apart from take off and landing its out of rc range the whole flight

I think I might leave it in that case outside the plane because there is no good spot inside the fuselage for a GPS module

Its a pity the centre section of the wing is part of the fuse, otherwise you would have access to large area. As it is it looks tight even getting esc, fc, battery, telemetry radio, vtx, rc reciever all in the given access area

I made a plan.

Vtx, camera on the front access thing where they have always been. Battery in normal position but slid further back to accommodate slightly heavier battery. FC in-between the battery and servos. Telem radio: I think I might make a small hole thru the Hull so the telem radio procesor will be în Hull (next to FC), and antenna poking left/right outside Hull.

I’ll create a 3d printed mount for the ELRS reciever to sit somewhere between the wing and tail, w antennas poking left/right.

And the ESC will stay where it was always, to left or right of battery

Good night

This plane will have quite a few antennas sticking out of it :smiley: and then I’ll be adding airspeed, rangefinder too…