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BeagleBone Blue released, Linux-enabled autopilot for 80$


(ppoirier) #122

@Marc_Dornan I know that Mirko has successfully tested it on the BBMINI using 5 Ghz dongles.

(Marc Dornan) #123

Good to know that it has been done.

(ppoirier) #124

Oups sorry, I just checked and that was on a Pi Zero, but it should be possible, problem is that you need extra components like a USB powered hub

(Marc Dornan) #125

I see. Or alternatively could we run a PiCam and OSD with a conventional VTX. I could make a stab at the porting as these have been done for the Raspberry Pi.

(Luca Gemma) #126

Hi all! I am currently running Ardupilot (Arducopter 3.5.2) on a Beaglebone Blue and I would, in a separate python script, access the data coming from the ADC and the I2C ports (some gas sensors will be deployed there). I run Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) with kernel 4.4.91-ti-rt-r137 and my DTC Version is 1.4.4. Up to now, I am able to access the analog port (thanks to another ardupilot user!) with the RoboCape rc_test_adc C code. Importing the Adafruit library for either the adc or the I2C in a Python script returns a RuntimeError due to a conflict with the standard Cape. If someone could help me, I have two questions for you:

  1. how can I access the I2C?
  2. I have plugged the Ublox M8N GPS into the GPS port, but I am not able to get the GPS work. I run Arducopter by “arducopter -A udp:” to connect to the laptop via USB. On Mission Planner, I see correctly all data except for GPS (there is the “No GPS” message). I have tried by adding the “-B” option with all /dev/ttyO* or /dev/ttyS* paths but nothing happens. The Serialx Baud and Serialx Protocol values are set correctly in Mission Planner.
    Sorry for the inexperience, I am quite new both to the Ardupilot and the Beaglebone world.
    Thanks for your time, kind regards

(Tim Litvin) #127

Solved it. Both Telemetry and RC. I was having two different problems on two different radios.

For the benefit of others who might use the pre-compiled ardupilot-blue, I’ll broadcast my noob mistakes here.

The 3DR Sik V2 telemetry radios were fine. The BeagleBone and ArduPilot software were fine, the problem was that I was using UT0 rather than UT1 on the BBBL (whose pins are preconfigured for telemetry in ArduPilot-Blue). The command switch that ultimately worked was:

–C /dev/ttyS1

and for GPS (which had stopped working)

-B /dev/ttyS2

Then, on my RC link problem, I’d failed to successfully change the output from my ezUHF RX to PPM on Pin 1 using the Immersion Tools software and USB connection. Seems I hadn’t hit the “Upload” after toggling my choice.

(ppoirier) #128

@axelisart @Marc_Dornan @james_pattison good news , ADC is on the way :slight_smile:
I will notify once its in master and that the new kernel is available

(Thalaivar) #129

Hello all, I need help with choosing connector wires for my components. I have a 3DR Radio V2 that I will be connecting to the BeagleBone Blue and also my RC Receiver for PPM. Where can I connect these and which connectors will I need to buy?

(ppoirier) #130

@Thalaivar Have you read all the documentation on Mirko’s site ?

Al the important information is there.
Also you can read all the replies on this blog, on reply 39 there is a picture showing how to connect the receiver.

For a more detailled pinout I suggest you look at the schematics:

There is the Bill Of Material if you look at serial connectors:

It shows JST_SH_4 , if you do a quick search at aliexpress , you will find a lot of options

(Thalaivar) #131

True but I cannot identify if the JST-SH-4 connector will fit my receiver, (it is an FS-X6B receiver), also, JST-SH-4 is a 4 pin connector whereas the PPM connector will be obviously 3 pin, so is the info even correct? Also, there is no mention about connecting telemetry radios.

(ppoirier) #132

You have to build the cables and I see you receiver is 5 volts, so it should be powered using a 5 Volt source and feed the PPM using a voltage divider to pin 4

(Thalaivar) #133

Again, I am okay with building the cables, but which connector do I use for the DSM port???

(ppoirier) #134

@Thalaivar Maybe I dont understand what you are asking

The RC receiver signal has to be connected to connector E4 pin 4. This pin is a multi protocol pin (S.BUS, PPM-Sum, Spektrum Satellit DSM), the protocol will be automatically detected. Make sure the signal does not exceed 3.3 volts, otherwise your BeagleBone Blue can be damaged.

(Thalaivar) #135

So if I get it right, I have to separately power my RC Receiver with 5V, convert the signal back to 3.3V and then build the cables to feed it to the BBBlue?

(ppoirier) #136

You can put the resistors inline the cables and cover with heatshrink tubing

(Thalaivar) #137

But will the DSM port read PPM Signals? Mirkix’s docs say PPM-Sum, is that the same thing?

(ppoirier) #138

Yes, PPM-Sum is the correct term for ‘‘sequential stream of pwm pulses’’

As for the telemetry you dont need voltages divider , the Uarts can read 5 volts.
Dependig on the power, you could feed from the BBBlue 5 volts supply.
And, once again, refer to Mirko instruction to map the telemetry to the right port

(Marc Dornan) #139

Brilliant Patrick.

I am looking forward to it.

Thanks for your efforts.

(Adam McBride) #140

just getting into ardupilot with a bbblue. I have instleed the latest ardupilot running with rover-blue. I have the board connected to mission planner and when I move the board it shows the gyro moving in mission planner.

My question is, assuming I got to this point and did everything correctly, how do I test my servo is connected and working with mission planner. It is connected on channel 8 on the servo rail and I am going to the servo screen (the one that’s on the flight data screen with low, high, toggle buttons) in mission planner to toggle it. But when I do, it doesn’t move. What am I doing wrong?

(ppoirier) #141

Are you supplying the servo rail ?
You need to use the Battery connection in order to get the servo power activated