Battery Monitor Problems on 3.6.3

Hi all,

I am using ArduCopter 3.6.3 (with Mission Planner 1.3.62) on a Pixhawk 2.1 Cube and using the standard Power Module that it comes with, which I underdtand can cope with up to 8S batteries. I am running a large Hex (6 x 30A ESC) using a 10,000 mAh 6S battery.

I am getting some issues with setting up the Battery Monitor in Mission Planner. I am setting up:

Monitor: Analog & Current
Sensor: 6: 3DR HV Power Module APM
APM Ver: 4: The Cube or Pixhawk

I understand that this is the correct Sensor to use, especially as the “4: 3DR Power Module” sensor setting was giving me totally the wrong voltage (3-4 volts lower than measured voltage).

However, as soon as I navigate away from the Battery Monitor page and then go back to it, I see that the Sensor has switched to: “0: Other” - and I cannot make it stick.

I am not sure what impact this is having or why it is happening. Any thoughts or solutions?

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Do you reboot the FC right after setting the battery monitor type?

Thanks xfacta - i have tried re-booting immediately but that also does not work I am afraid. Thanks, Chris

I’m also having power sensor issues.

But you can select ‘Other’ under Sensor, and then if you have the A/V and V divider numbers that came with the Power Monitor, then you can calibrate these yourself using the menu.

Alternatively you can record your voltage and current and tweak the values yourself until the voltage and current shown in the Status bar reflect what you measure.

There’s a video on this:

I am using a Pixhawk Cube 2.1 with 500W motors, a 100A Mauch current sensor and a 8500mAh battery.
I wrote a similar post where my voltage is all over the place and the current is measured far too low. Cant seem to get it right so far.

Good luck!