Battery hot swap circuit

Hi everybody.
I would like to change the battery to my drone without powering off the companion computer.
The companion computer is powered directly from the PDB. The idea is to provide the drone with a dual battery connector and then plug in the charged battery and disconnect the low battery.
Let’s say to use 4S LiPo batteries, I will plug in a 16,8V battery and I will disconnect a 13,4V battery.
To prevent damages in the time between both batteries are connected, which is the best solution to use? Is there a ready-to-use circuit o IC?

I thought to introduce a diode on the positive battery wire but I don’t like this solution since in hovering the drone will absorb 30A-40A current and hence too much energy will be dissipated on the working diode.

See this thread. Should be some products on the tail end.

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