Battery discharge problem

hey, i am using apm 2.5 F450 quad frame and using 3s 2200mah 25C Lipo battery. my quad flight time is 1-2 min, it only discharge 1 cell batteries when i check with battery tester, and the other cell batteries still full… please provide me some solution.

it seems that 1 cell of your battery is dead
please send a picture of your battery

i have try bought new battery, but the problem still happen

test your battery resistance. A good new battery should have under 3 ohms per cell, (9 ohms total). If the total resistance is over 25 ohms the battery life is near its end and one cell may discharge too fast.

It seems that one of your cells is puffed
Is it true ?

Also check your battery and charger with a volt meter
If still have this problem with new battery i think your charger is not working correctly

In addition to this reply
If you buy an battery with more capacity its normal to see more resistant per cell

Hosein, your right! I listed very low resistance #s for good quality new batteries. That said, I have many batteries with over 35 ohms total resistance and they still perform well.
One cell looks puffed here and one bad cell is all it takes to make a battery worthless.