BATT_ parameters missing in PARAM files and MP

Just loaded the new firmware on my Pixhawk 2.1. Was most interested in the dual voltage monitoring and FS. I’ve discovered that I can no longer set the parameters for the first battery (BATT_) because they don’t exist in the Params files, nor on MP.

Maybe I’m missing something. Would appreciate any help in finding these parameters. Not going to fly this firmware until I can setup the battery monitors correctly.

FWIW - This issue with battery monitoring seems to be a problem every time a new firmware version is released, and has taken many months to get fixed. This really is a critical element of flying these type of aircraft. Need this function fully tested and working even with a beta release.

A good bet is that the params were renamed. Have you looked at the change log? Remember, this is beta firmware.

Also a good bet if you’re running beta firmware, make sure you’re running a beta of MP or whatever GCS you run.

According to the information provided with the release notice, the parameters should be BATT_XX. Same as before. Nothing like that only BATT2_XX. Looked through the actual params file and they were not present. ?? Maybe a MP problem, but why wouldn’t it at least put in the params from before 3.6?

They are all there in the full parameter list and full parameter tree. I’ve been using them all week.

Matt - So, you really think that I haven’t looked there?! Wow. Your comment that “it works for me” is completely unhelpful, and a little insulting

As I’ve said, they aren’t in either list, nor are they in the params file.

I’m using the latest MP. Does anyone have any helpful information about why I cannot get the lists to show the new parameters?

Something definitely went wrong. You should try a total refresh. Which means upload rover firmware then copter again. This will clear up everything in the EEPROM.

Plus do not rely in MP if you trying beta fw. The only screen that you can trust on the setup/tuning part is the full params list and full param tree. All others could be faulty or not up to date.

Whaaat?? No, I don’t think anything. You didn’t give specifics about what you’ve looked at. I provided you with accurate information about where to look absent any other detail on the matter. Your feeling insulted is without merit.

If I were venture a guess on this, I would say you have BATT_MONITOR and BATT2_MONITOR parameters both set for disabled. As with most other systems in ArduPilot, it will not show all the other parameters for systems that are disabled. You need to enable it if you want to use it. After enabling and refreshing or rebooting, all the system’s parameters will be visible.

As to your statement that the battery monitor always has problems with new releases, that doesn’t seem to have any merit. Hundreds of hours are put into the battery monitor design and testing long long before a beta release is even released. It’s been out in 3.6-dev for quite some time now, used by many people.


I am experiencing this as well. I am using the Spektre works Kore carrier board but in the previous firmware, BATT_* params were present and when I updated, they are not.

Any body else experiencing this or have any insights? Thanks!


Edit: I did try installing Rover then reinstalling Copter to be sure and this did not solve the issue.