Base Rover RTK without a computer

Hello, I am quite new to RTK and would appreciate any help.

  1. Is it possible to connect the base and rover without a computer just using the UART via 3DR?

When I did my research (ZED F9P, navSpark), I understood that some RTK GNSS modules do have integrated computation capability and embedded RTKLlib. Hence, one module can be configured as a rover, the other as a base, and then just connect RX <-> TX pins of the modules. The base then handles the RTK computation onboard and sends correction data via UART to the rover. This setup would allow the rover to complete the mission without a need for a computer/tablet.

  1. Did I understand it right? Is there anyone having hands-on experience with the solution above?

Thank you!

  1. yes it is, provided the rover has a second UART input for RTCM corrections injection.

  2. No, no experience here. we use a GCS computer and embed the RTCM corrections into the normal command-and-control telemetry data stream.

I am doing exactly this. Well, now I have 2 GPSes on my mower, with one acting as a moving base, but what you want to do is very possible. You will have some kind of telemetry radio on the fixed rtk base communicating with a telemetry radio on the rover. I recommend using UART2 on the F9P for both GPSes which leaves the more flexible UART1 for other connections, such as to the flight controller.

I have been focusing on the moving baseline application for a while now and have some videos on that, but they should still give you some insight into the simpler single rover GPS and fixed RTK base that you are considering.

This one is somewhat long but may be of help:

This one is specific the previous beta version of ArduRover. A few things have changed in the newer beta, but this is mostly accurate: