Barometer Temperature Compensation Unable to get the value

@rmackay9 @andyp1per Hello, I am following the Barometer Temperature Compensation How to use from the tuning doc I have followed the instructions but the values for the TCAL_BARO_EXP remain zero. I have rebooted the copter several times but no luck (ofc I have set first update it to 2 and then 1 to get value)

TBH received wisdom at the moment is that this is not really worth doing

Baro on my cube orange is drifting from negative 0.5 to positive 0.7 and some after taking off it’s going negative in the recent flight, the ESC makes the arming beep mid-air and then falls. In the logs it’s not showing any error msg it’s Saying maybe landed.

The cube is mounted in an enclosure and the esc and other components are also nearby due to this temperature difference I am thinking it has landed and stopped the motor mid-air just my assumption.

There would be messages if it did that.

i have plotted the graph the land msg came after it falls I am not sure but it’s going out of my scope and knowledge.

That’s a Land Complete message after it crashed.