Barometer Calibration

I was told that there is a way to calibrate the Barometer using an older version. Is the possible and if so what version and where is the calibration located. Thanks again.

Grandpa Jake

Calibrate to what? The air pressure is always changing. When you take off it is calibrated to zero.

I suppose you could see how close it’s to the local weather station as far as inches of mercury but there is no setting to correct for this.


I may have misunderstood what someone told me? See when I change to Auto it will move up and down and the altitude I have set is way off from what my multirotor is flying but a lot. Say I set 5 waypoints at 100’ it may start out ok, but it could vary by 20-50 ft from point to point? It does fly great in stabilized so this person told me to get an older version of software and do a barometer calibration?

A mission is based on the height above the ground. While it is true that as you fly the air pressure may change causing it to gain or loose altitude as it flies but I have found that it is almost always right on.

Also if the air temperature changes the pressure changes and this can also cause changes in height even though there is calculation to correct for this.

As far as I know there is no way to calibrate this. Also I have seen several reports that as they fly the height will drift to the point that it will be off by your 10 or 20 feet but I have not seen that. It maybe caused by temperature drift.

I have several auto mission that fly above the trees and they start from taking off and seem to fly the same every time.

Also be careful when flying in windy conditions as the copter may not have enough power to keep it from falling when going into the wind or the air pressure may cause it to rise due to increase in air pressure (higher pressure the lower to the ground it thinks it is and will correct).