Balance Bot: All modes added

Balance Bots can run all Rover modes now:

Balance Bot was one of the GSoC 2018 projects. When I made my final submission for GSoC, we could only run Manual and Hold Modes. The rest of the modes were actually done by December 2018, but I couldn’t find time to make a video or update the wiki, until now.

I’ve used a 3d printed frame that I had designed. I’ll share the CAD files once I’m done with a few more changes. In fact, any frame should do. All the code is on master and as I understand will be part of the next Rover release.

The wiki has also been updated, so do take a look:

What’s next:

  • Add loiter mode
  • Try different motor types
  • Speed-Throttle feed-forward to run on slopes. Right now, my Balance Bot can run on slopes up to 15 degrees.
  • Auto-tune maybe?